Stanly has always been passionate about working with his hands in the fields of arts, organic
horticulture, dynamic movement (stretching and yoga) and bodywork (massage). Many years
ago, he started to offer bodywork/massage to friends and family, developing his own intuitive
techniques and learning about anatomy and bodywork. For more than 12 years, he has been
exploring different bodywork modalities, such as myofascial work, deep tissue massage and

Apart from studying and learning about the human body, Stanly worked with nature and soil
as a professional organic and biodynamic gardener, which has given him a good balance
between his therapeutic work and daily contact with the natural world.  
The quest for a modality that would bring together all his interests in a meaningful way didn’t
stop until he discovered Craniosacral Therapy. The more he learnt about it, the more he was
convinced that it was tailor-made for him. He eventually formally trained with CTET
(Craniosacral Therapist Educational Trust) and graduated in 2020. He still works as a
gardener while running his craniosacral therapy practice.

As a therapist, Stanly aims to bring a deep calmness to his clients, both physically and
mentally. This state, similar to the profoundly safe embryonic state, can significantly affect
evoking the healing potential of the body. He believes there is a possibility, like in nature, for
humans to recover from illness and injury, and his aim is to create the appropriate space and
environment for this to happen.

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