Jhoana Serna is a highly experienced facilitator passionate about holistic healing journeys. She trained as a counsellor over 15 years ago and combines the psychological ‘understanding of self’ with meditation, spirituality and plant/flower modalities. She works with people where they are in their own journey and works with people of all faiths and none.

At The Centre, Jhoana offers Sound Bath Meditations to individuals and groups. A Sound Bath is a gentle and relaxing meditative experience where you are bathed by a medley of sound. It is a perfect introduction to meditating as you do not need experience – just your breath, an open heart and mind.

The individual Sound Baths allow for a deeper experience, for individuals to create more in-depth intentions and integration of the experience. 

Whether a group or individual Sound Bath Meditation, Jhoana believes that we all poses the ability to find ‘medicine’ in the safe and nurturing experience of the Sound Bath Meditations – a medicine that is within us all as we connect to ourselves in our highest vibrational energy.

Her favourite quote is: “Oh wondering one, if you are in search of the greatest treasure, don’t look outside. Look within and seek that”, Rumi.

Jhoana was drawn to Sound Bath Meditations after years of working on herself in search for wholesome healing. This was the first that bridged a connection to her authentic self – body, spirit and mind. As soon as lock down restrictions eased Jhoana finally found this next part of her journey under the wings of a highly experienced Practitioner and Teacher in London. In November 2022 Jhoana began training and a 6 month mentorship began. For Jhoana the experience of Sound Baths were, and remain, a space where she can be unapologetically herself with the freedom to bring facets of herself and gain so much wisdom, growth and healing. This is why she invites you to Come As You Are and use the carefully facilitated meditation as your space to start or continue your beautiful work of unfolding.

Jhoana is a Member of BACP.

“My sound bath experience with Jhoana was absolutely magical. She is an incredible facilitator and made me feel so welcome and comfortable. She is very talented in her practice and I had a beautiful profound experience. I left radiating positive energy and felt relaxed for a long while afterwards. I would recommend sound healing.”

FeesNew patientFollow-up appointments
One to one£60£60

“My first sound bath was an interesting experience. It was both stimulating and calming at the same time. It allowed me to feel some form of calm even when anxiety felt quite high around that period of time. I would definitely recommend it, try it at least once.”