Whether you have been to a Sound Bath before or if this is your first time Jhoana will welcome you to an intimate safe space where every effort is made to ensure it is a beautiful holding space for you to bring your intention and come away feeling nourished. Most people reflect that they have a restful night’s sleep after the Sound Bath. 

Jhoana’s Sound Bath is a gentle and relaxing meditative experience where you are bathed​ by a medley of sound – Jhoana uses a variety of singing bowls, bells, chimes and voice which will bathe you with sound as you lay under the comfort of a blanket. Her Sound Bath is the perfect introduction to meditating as you do not​ need experience – just an open heart and mind. Whether a group or individual Sound Bath Meditation, Jhoana believes that we all possess the ability to find ‘medicine’ in the safe and nurturing experience of the Sound Bath Meditations – a medicine that is within us all as we connect to ourselves in our highest vibrational energy.
The benefits
People often report feeling incredibly peaceful, relaxed and able to find resolution for the reason they attended the sound bath. Regular sound baths can help with:
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sleep
  • Connecting with and developing your spirituality
  • Becoming in tune with yourself 
There are many more benefits!

Individual Sound Baths

The individual Sound Baths allow for a dedicated experience to explore intentions and integrate the experience that are worked through at a deeper level.  Jhoana combines therapeutic coaching, the sound bath, aromatherapy and/or flower/plant tea into the individual sound baths for a holistic transformational experience.  She offers clients a safe space to discuss their intentions, goals and what a good life would look like, and the Sound Bath is used to work through any blocks and/or to unlock wisdom. These individual sound baths are available on Fridays between 9am-1pm. 

Group Sound Baths

The studio is transformed into a nurturing space for up to 8 people, laying down on yoga mats and under the comfort of a blanket and pillow for comfort. Please note that The Centre does not provide these. As it’s a small group everyone should come away with the benefits of a Sound Bath. Please email Jhoana@live.co.uk to subscribe to a monthly newsletter which include dates and times for upcoming group Sound Baths.