Menstrual Health

Abdominal Therapy

Abdominal massage aims to assist homeostasis and hemodynamics, allowing the body to adjust and find it’s own balance. By working deeply into the diaphragm we can impact all the bodies systems and allow you to breathe more deeply and increases circulation in the belly and pelvis. Circulation brings vitality to all your organs – optimising digestion, energising the nervous system, endocrine system, and supporting reproductive health. One of the best bits about the treatment is that you will be taught a belly massage that you can take home with you and practice for life. A powerful self care practice that will support you for life. During your appointment, you will receive a delicious belly massage based on the lineage of Don Elijio Panti, a Maya Shaman and traditional healer in Belize, Dr Rosita Arvigo, a Naturopath from Chicago and Miss Hortence Robinson, a herbal midwife in Belize. 

Vaginal Steaming

For millennia, from Africa, to Asia, to Europe, to the Caribbean, medicine women have been using this gentle form of hydrotherapy for each other to cleanse the uterus, release toxins, detox, strengthen reproductive organs and regulate menstrual cycles for young girls from the time of their menarche to women well into menopause. In it’s current form, vaginal steaming (or you may have heard it called yoni steaming or pelvic steaming) is an integrated women’s health care practice that is relatively new, but gaining popularity at a very fast rate across the globe. It has been used to relieve gynaecological issues ranging from menstruation and post menopause challenges to infertility and postpartum care. Women have reported improvements in irregular menstruation, infertility, postpartum healing, weight loss, PMS, menopause concerns, vaginal tightening and moisture, and hormone balancing. In a Vaginal Steam Health Consultation both young girls and women can be taught how to implement vaginal steaming simply and safely at home as an ongoing practice. A full in depth menstrual cycle analysis will be conducted and from this, a plan for steaming is created using an organic herb blend and a steam sauna setup. For more persistent presentations the option of monthly re-assessments are carried out for 3-6 months.