A new addition to The Centre, Marisa is a passionate Alternative Menstrual Health Therapist and Yoga Teacher with a keen interest in educating women to understand the power of honouring their cyclical
natures as well as taking command of their menstrual health using practices that can
be carried out at home. She wants women to know that there are alternatives to debilitating pain and the challenging consequences that menstrual imbalances can cause from menarche, into pregnancy, postpartum and beyond.
From her first period at age 11, Marisa experienced debilitating cramps and painkillers were the only way through. As with most teenagers she was put on the hormonal contraceptive pill which masked the symptoms into her early 20s until she went off the pill and faced the depths of the pain and her symptoms. Thankfully in her mid twenties she stumbled onto her path of women’s health and wellness, finding solutions to her debilitating pain and the tools needed along her journey of birthing and raising her two daughters. From her experience of growing up in Zambia, and living in Turks & Caicos and the UK, along the way she has picked up an abundant basket of skills including abdominal therapy, vaginal steaming and menstrual cycle awareness that she is so passionate in sharing.
Marisa’s vision is a world where every young girl learns to honour and understand her period and cyclical nature, to identify when things may be out of balance and to know what tools to use to help naturally regain balance and harmony. That this girl then grows into a woman, knowing how to harness and align with her super powers as well as making space to tend to her needs. Marisa’s dream is that every household with a woman in it has a sauna and this ancient practice is shared and revived.
Marisa offers two treatment options at The Centre: Abdominal Therapy and Vaginal Steaming. Originally qualified in 2005 in Swedish Massage, Marisa’s technique has evolved over the years through her
journey healing her own menstrual health challenges, receiving body work, her yoga practice, spiritual development training and mothering her two daughters. Marisa is a member of the Abdominal Therapy Collective – https://www.abdominaltherapycollective.com/

Abdominal Therapy


FeesFirst appointment (2h)Follow-up appointments (1.5h)
Abdominal Therapy£130£90
Abdominal Therapy for Pregnancy & Postpartum First Appointment£130£90
Abdominal Therapy Consultation (no massage)£75 (1h) 

Vaginal Steaming

FeesFirst appointment (1h)Follow-up appointments (30min)
Vaginal Steam Health Consultation£75£45