Herbal Medicine

We have two practitioners offering Herbal Medicine at The Centre, based on different approaches.

Tamara Kircher

Acupuncturist Tamara Kircher is also fully qualified in Chinese Herbal Medicine. For centuries people have been prescribed Chinese herbs to help the internal organs and the immune system. Chinese Herbs are rarely used singularly; more commonly they are used in combination to form a herbal prescription. The use of many herbs helps to achieve a balance of the herbal qualities in the prescription. Herbs are described in terms of temperature, taste, what they do in the body and whether they affect the yin, yang, qi or blood.

Chinese medicine approaches disease in a fundamentally different way from Western medicine. Chinese medicine looks at not only the disease symptoms, but also the age, habits, physical and emotional traits of an individual. To form an overall picture of the patient. Health is considered a state of harmony between physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the person.

Tamara is the author of three books on herbal medicine. Her latest book is “Herbs for the Soul: Emotional healing with Chinese and Western Herbs”.

Herbs for the Soul takes a unique view of the complete pharmacopeia of herbal remedies, covering Western and Chinese herbs and Bach Flower Remedies for emotional healing.

The physical healing properties of herbs are well known, but this beautifully illustrated book looks beyond to the ability of herbs to heal emotional and spiritual ills. Classified by their subtle action you will find a herb to help you whatever your state of mind, from Herbs that Gladden the Heart through Herbs for Changes to Herbs that invite Peace and Stillness. Enlivened with anecdote and folklore, Tamara Kircher’s inspiring and informative text teaches you not only which herbs to take to enhance your spiritual and emotional well-being, but how to find, gather and prepare them. A comprehensive materia medica, with physical description, properties and cautions, is included for easy reference.

Lucy Clare

Lucy Clare is a Naturopathic herbalist who uses predominantly Western herbs together with some Ayurvedic herbs . Having been used for over 2,000 years, herbal medicine is still the main form of healthcare in 80% of the population with many plants forming the basis of pharmaceutical medicines.

By supporting and strengthening the function of an organ, herbs have the ability to exert a positive effect on the body and reinstate internal balance. Herbal medicines are made from the flowers, leaves, roots and bark, extracting the chemical components to create herbal tinctures (concentrated extracts), dried herbal teas, powders, capsules or used topically to make creams, ointments and balms.

Herbal medicine can be used to support patients in the management of both acute and chronic conditions by:

  • Supporting the immune system – coughs, colds, regular infections, reduced immunity
  • Strengthen the respiratory system – asthma, coughs, bronchitis, hayfever
  • Improve digestion – indigestion, IBS, ulcers, reduce cholesterol
  • Nourish the nervous system – stress, anxiety, insomnia, low mood/depression, headaches
  • Improve circulation – high/low blood pressure, varicose veins, brain fog, reduced concentration
  • Balance hormones – PMS, menopause, reproductive and gynaecological complaints
  • Support urinary system – cystitis, infections, enlarged prostate
  • Musculoskeletal – joint pain, inflammation, sprains/strains, arthritis

 As Herbal Practitioners we have the privilege to spend time with clients to fully understanding their individual health picture, addressing the root cause holistically and formulating an appropriate treatment plan to overall support the body’s natural healing process.