Sarah has a particular interest in helping clients with the mental and emotional side of living with health challenges and having a positive mindset about their health.

She used cognitive hypnotherapy herself to help her recover from rheumatoid arthritis and is interested in autoimmune conditions and helping clients improve their health, live well and feel better.

Sarah helps clients feel back in control and much more positive about how they can influence the quality of their life and health, and improve how they feel, so they can enjoy life more fully. She loves to see just how resourceful and creative clients are in the solutions their minds bring to life.

Sarah joined the Centre in February 2020 and since the March 2020 lockdown she has been working with clients exclusively online by Zoom. This is confidential, safe and effective.

In her previous work as a healthcare solicitor, Sarah worked with many healthcare practitioners within the NHS as well as complementary and private practices and chaired Fitness to Practice panels at the General Osteopathic Council and the Nursing and Midwifery Council. Sarah is also a former breastfeeding counsellor.

Sarah is a happily married busy mum to 3 teenagers. As a parent of identical twins, she is an enthusiastic cheerleader for parents of multiples and former Vice-Chair of the UK multiple births charity, the Twins Trust.

“From the very beginning of our work together, Sarah created a very safe space for me … I really felt heard and trusted her ability to help. She offered real support and reflections that have supported concrete change in me and how I see things now.

I’m not the same stuck person anymore and know that Sarah has been a key part in that change. I can highly recommend Sarah who is a bright and compassionate practitioner.”

FeesIntroductory package (3 sessions)Follow-up sessions

“Sarah’s gentle and relaxed manner put me at ease immediately. The visual journeys I took within the sessions were astonishing to me in their speed, clarity and detail. We covered so much ground within each meeting. It’s very gentle in approach, but incredibly powerful….Ingrained habits and patterns that were no longer serving me began to disintegrate and disappear. This allowed me to start looking to the future more positively. I recommend Sarah 100%.”