Pilates 1:1 sessions are great if you prefer a more specific workout tailored to your needs and if you prefer not to workout in a group environment. Exercises can then be given to you for practice at home if you want to do a bit of work in between sessions. Andrea’s sessions are a mix of all of her movement training, so offer a varied movement fusion repertoire of Pilates, Slings Myofascial Training, Garuda Matwork and Animal Flow which allows great nourishment for the whole body, the joints and embraces the inherent spiraling motions of the body. The sessions offer all the benefits of Pilates plus more.

These sessions also give you the chance to have the focus just on you and your body’s needs; it can be a slow focused session to help understand any specific movement patterns or restrictions you might have, or can offer a more challenging workout if this is what you want. These can be booked as a block or as you want one.

Private sessions can also be a good starting point if you are completely new to Pilates and feel you want to understand the concept and your body better before you venture into a group class.