Injury rehabilitation aims to reduce or remove pain, supporting your recovery from injury to allow you to access a healthy, active lifestyle.

A free initial 20 minute consult will allow you to share some details of your issues, find out more about how injury rehabilitation works and ensure that this is a good fit both therapeutically with the right therapist to support your recovery.

At your first appointment, we will often use techniques such as mobiliations, massage and special stretching manoeuvers, to reduce or remove pain. It is very important that clients feel safe, comfortable and confident during their treatment so we are careful to engage with you during treatment and do everything possible to make you feel at ease.

Typically, you will be given a personalised programme of exercises to complete daily between appointments to reinforce and strengthen the injured tissues.

For those wanting a longer term, sustainable solution, we create bespoke rehab programmes to help you restore full range of movement and strengthen up the injured tissues.

In terms of what can be treated with injury rehabilitation, there isn’t much we don’t tackle, whether you:

  • have a sports injury,
  • have an everyday injury,
  • need extra support because you are (peri)menopausal,
  • have a child with rehab needs,
  • want to improve your flexibility and mobility,
  • need to develop your strength.