Heartmath has been in practice since 1992 and its approach is to help establish a more coherent heart rate variability through heart focused breathing which can assist in times of stress.

The way in which we deal with stress can affect us in many ways and this simple approach can help you to prepare and respond to stressful events as they arise. The techniques can also help you prepare for performances and presentations when feeling under pressure, reduce anxiety, encourage self-regulation and help to build resilience, all of which can help your overall health and wellbeing.

The techniques are simple and effective and rather than stress depleting your energy levels, it can help you stay calm, focused and in control of a situation and give you an energy boost. In this way the Heartmath approach is different to relaxation and mindfulness as it gives you specific and focused tools to use ‘in-the-moment’ when challenging situations arise.

A Heartmath session will typically be booked as a block of 3 – 4 sessions, the first of which will be an hour in length. Prior to this session I will send you a client information form to complete to get an idea of the challenges you are dealing with. The following sessions would be approx 3/4 hour each. The sessions can be done face-to-face or online. 

Each session will build on the techniques given, and practice in between sessions is essential to understand the techniques more thoroughly and be able to use them when required.