The new home of The Centre of Complementary Medicine

We’re delighted to be joined by the Mayor of Petersfield, Cllr JC Crissey, who will attend to officially open the new building along with Town Crier Faye Thompson at 10.00am on Saturday 13th January 2024.

Directly after we will be opening The Centre up to showcase what we have to offer. There will be talks and demonstrations by practitioners current and new, and sample classes in our new Studio.

Talks and demonstrations will be added to this list as they are confirmed so do check back from time to time. The open morning and all sessions are free of charge so this is an excellent opportunity to come and get your questions answered and meet our fabulous team of practitioners and staff.

In addition, we will have a range of artwork available for sale on the day.


Osteopaths Carina Petter, Josephine Luard and Beth Forrest will be available to answer your questions about osteopathy and cranial osteopathy.

Lucy Clare is a Naturopathic Herbalist who uses iridology as part of her assessment process. She will be giving talks on herbal medicine/naturopathy (approx. 15 mins) and iridology (approx. 15 mins) discussing how she works together with offering herbal tea tasters to participants.

Acupuncturists Tamara Kircher and Wendy Mader will provide an introduction to acupuncture alongside a practical demonstration – if you’ve been put off acupuncture because you don’t like needles come along and find out exactly what treatment entails.

Andrea Lawson will be talking about scarwork and is planning a practical demonstration but you can also talk to her about oncology massage and Fascial Unwinding too.

Joanna Hoddinott of Balanced Bodies is a sports therapist who specialises in injury rehabilitation. Joanna will be running a 6-week clinical Pilates class from The Studio starting in January so do come along and ask her any questions if this is something you are interested in.

Marisa Shearer is a passionate Alternative Menstrual Health Therapist with a keen interest in educating women to understand the power of honouring their cyclical natures as well as taking command of their menstrual health using practices that can be carried out at home. She wants women to know that there are alternatives to debilitating pain and the challenging consequences that menstrual imbalances can cause from menarche, into pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. She will be discussing abdominal massage and vaginal steaming.

Chloë Lewis-Parry offers one to one therapeutic tarot and prescriptive yoga and will be available to discuss how she works.

Shanagh Telford is the homeopath at The Centre and always willing to discuss all things homeopathic! She also practices Reiki and will be setting up a regular reiki share in the coming months so, again, if you have any questions do talk to her.

Contemplative Educator and Mindfulness Teacher, Rosie Holmes, will be offering guided mindfulness meditation for small groups. 

Taster classes

Pilates movement fusion class

Andrea Lawson teaches a Pilates movement fusion class based on the principles of Pilates but with the added benefit of Slings Myofascial Training, The Garuda Matwork and some Animal Flow movements mixed. This broad repertoire will give you whole body and mind a workout, encompassing beautiful fluid and spiralling movements that will help you to rediscover the elasticity and adaptability within the body along with building strength and resilience.

Please bring a mat if you would like to take part in this session.


Tai-Robics is the easiest, fastest and most fun way there is to gain the benefits of tai chi, yoga and fitness – more energy, more agility, less stress and tiredness, fewer aches and pains – keeping you active, productive and happy right through the rest of your career and on into retirement.  As well as helping you control your body weight and maintain your fitness it also significantly improves your posture, balance, co-ordination and quality of movement.

Its creator, Kerrison Preston, is an Osteopath, a Fitness Consultant and a registered Advanced Tai Chi Instructor.  He spent 10 years as an advisor to an elite military extreme sports team and has also taught Anatomy, Therapeutics and Clinical Studies at university.  In effect, he has done a 35 year full-time professional investigation with 8,000 case studies looking for, finding, purifying and simplifying the active ingredients of tai chi, yoga and fitness – the bits that actually produce the results, the absolute minimum you really do need to do in order to gain the benefits.

Traditional methods require dedication and sustained regular practice.  Tai-Robics does away with all that.  It is specially designed to be as easy as possible – and great fun at the same time – so you quickly gain the amazing long-term benefits without even feeling that you’re trying.

Kerrison is leading a taster session so you can experience Tai-robics for yourself.

Shamanic drumming

Shamanic healer Rose Autumn will offer a Shamanic drumming session to enable you to connect with the web surrounding the earth and all within it. Please bring a blanket and cushion if you would like to take part in this session. She will be available to answer questions about Shamanic healing after the session.