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After what has been an extremely challenging time for us at The Centre, we finally have a new home. Well almost. Read on to find out more.

When The Bran Tub sadly announced it was closing it’s doors in September 2022, it was clear that this would have serious implications for The Centre as the owners would also sell the building.

Given we had to move, we decided to make a virtue of it and look at improving some of the issues we have with our current home. Being on the first floor with a steep flight of stairs has meant that some people, unfortunately, are simply unable to access us. The options we can offer are limited by the number of treatment rooms we have and this, in turn, has an implication on the financial viability of The Centre. So, in brain storming, we decided that our ideal new home would be on the ground floor walking distance from the centre of Petersfield and the train station, have 6 treatment rooms, space for a studio and parking on site or nearby. When Tamara requested some outside space, I knew we were seeking the impossible! But hey, it’s good to dream, right?

We started looking for alternative premises and it very quickly became apparent that we would struggle to find anything suitable. There is a range of commercial premises available in Petersfield but our needs are quite specific. Each treatment room needs a window for light and ventilation, so empty shops were no good (and too expensive). Plenty of office space in Bedford Road, but further away from transport than we wanted. A lovely space in St Peters Road, but on the first floor. And so it went on.

Then a practitioner suggested we try to buy our current building and an idea was born. A large group of practitioners and their families came together to raise the funds needed and our offer was accepted. Unfortunately, a survey showed more issues than were first apparent, plus the building was too big for our sole use. As we investigated further, the challenges mounted and it eventually became apparent this was too difficult for a bunch of amateur developers who already have full time jobs. Very sadly, we had to withdraw from the purchase and the hunt began again.

13b Dragon Street had been suggested as a potential new home back in September but was under offer. It came back on the market and, after a few false starts, eventually our offer was accepted in mid March. We completed on the building on Friday 23rd June. And the most amazing thing about this building? We are on the ground floor, close to the centre of Petersfield and parking at Tesco and Festival Hall (both less utilised than Swan Street), we can have our 6 treatment rooms, our studio and we have on-site parking for 1 car (disabled, mobility impaired, parents of multiples etc). And, believe it or not, we also have a little courtyard garden which will be lovely when Carina, Sue and Tamara have got their hands on it. I recorded my interview with Shine Radio in it, bathed in sun and listening to the sound of children playing and birds singing. It’s been a hell of a journey, and we’ve got 4 months of building work to make it our own, but we’ve found our new home!

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