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We’re happy to announce that Sarah Roberts has joined us at The Centre. Sarah is a cognitive hypnotherapist and is offering appointments at the Centre from 9 till 1 on Wednesdays. If you feel stuck with something that you want to change, but keep repeating, Sarah can help!

Cognitive hypnotherapy is a safe and effective way to help you change habits, feelings and behaviours. Treatments are all tailored to you as an individual and can include a recording for you to listen to between sessions.

Hypnotherapy is helpful with many issues, including dealing with fears, stopping unwanted habits, and coping with life more easily. It can help with improving relationships, performance at work or in sport and living well with health conditions. Research has found cognitive hypnotherapy to be especially effective for anxiety and depression, with 71% of clients with significant anxiety and depression reporting themselves recovered in one 2015 study, compared to 42% of people receiving other therapies such as CBT.

If you’d like to find out more, Sarah is available for a no obligation chat so you can explore how this approach could help you. Please drop in or contact us at the Centre to find out more, or email Sarah at