Rose has recently joined The Centre to offer Shamanic Healing.
In the tradition of the ‘wounded healer’, Rose has had to overcome some major health challenges on her healing path over the past twenty-four years, which she achieved through various natural healing modalities, nutrition, and lifestyle changes.
After attending a plant medicine retreat in 2019, she experienced profound healing on a physical, mental, and emotional level.  She subsequently held space for three Shamans trained in different forms of Bwiti: a form of spiritual healing from Gabon in West Africa.  During this time she raised her vibration and developed her energy-healing abilities.
Rose discovered the healing power of shamanic drumming after receiving a session with a shamanic healer in 2020:  
“It was a revelation to me that deep healing could occur without the use of hallucinogenic or psychedelic plant medicines and the associated risks.” 
Plant medicines can cause dramatic, destabilising shifts, with contrasting highs and lows.  Rose found shamanic journey work to be more gentle and nurturing yet just as effective at bringing about real change.
The results of this session inspired her to take a Shamanic Apprenticeship with Scott Silverston, founder of Shamanic Spirit Medicine.  She took three courses in Applied Shamanism completing 120 hours of training.  Scott’s method is about working on one’s self before working on others.  Through her journey work, she was able to resolve family conditioning, release trauma, reprogram her brain, and remove the blockages that were holding her back so that she could gently navigate to her true self.
In doing so she became a ‘hollow bone’; in the words of the ceremonial chief of the Teton Sioux, Frank Fools Crow.  He said this is how Wakan Tanka (The Great Mystery) and his helpers of the four directions funnelled powers through him.  Assuming no ownership of his abilities he always affirmed the “source of power is not ourselves”.  Rose concurs with this statement, believing herself to be a clear channel that brings down the healing light from Father Sky into the client before sending any darkness into Mother Earth. 
During the past three years, Rose has developed her healing practice using an established drumming technique to access an altered state of consciousness similar to that achieved during meditation.  This enables Rose to access the spirit mind to assist her clients in finding clarity, healing relationships, regaining their vitality, restoring balance, and enabling them to optimise their health and fulfil their full potential in all aspects of their lives.
Rose is a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists and is fully insured.  
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