Jessica Eve is a trainee Body Psychotherapist. Specializing in challenges like PTSD (including Childhood PTSD), depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and grief, Jessica Eve offers transparent, caring, and empowering support. 

She will listen deeply, with a compassionate inquiry approach. She is also trained to use therapeutic touch and other embodiment practices. The combination of talking, touch and embodiment practices will enable us to retune your nervous system, release that which no longer serves you, integrate big life experiences, feel emotions fully in safety, and open to the magic of life.

Jessica works relationally, intuitively and with presence. This means that she will be energetically alongside you, supporting you to find your own centre, your own ground, and your own unique way of living your true, authentic life path. 

The way she works enables her to support you on all levels of your being (mind, body and spirit), for truly transformational outcomes. 

Her goal is to foster lasting positive change in your life. Together, we’ll navigate your unique journey towards a future filled with hope and fulfilment.

Over the last decade, Jessica has completed 4 years of training in Body Psychotherapy (including Biodynamic Massage),  2 years of Energetic Release System (ERS) training and she is also a qualified facilitator of Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) and Emotional Alchemy.  

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