Angelic Reiki

Angelic Reiki Master/Teacher at The Centre:
Gerry Milner-Walker (Link to therapists own website)

The Reiki system known as Angelic Reiki, was introduced to humanity by Christine and Kevin Core being passed to them by Archangel Metatron from October 2002 to February 2003. This healing system sees the healer working hand in hand with the the very powerful energies of The Angelic Kingdom Of Light in order to carry out the healings. The Angels weald a great deal of power in the purest of senses as they are literally the hands of God/Creator/All-That-Is (or which ever name you wish to use). The energies that come through in these sessions are diverse, always create a unique experience and felt by most people treated. Aside from any healing that takes place these Spiritual Healing sessions are commonly a wonderful, relaxing and energizing experience for all concerned.

The Healing Sessions can incorporate a wide range of different issues and are suitable for people from all backgrounds and faiths, all ages, everywhere, whether you’re issue is perceived to be physical, emotional, mental, past life, genetic, karmic or any other cause. There are no limits to the possibilities or benefits from having an Angelic Reiki healing session.

These powerful healing sessions are holistic in nature, taking into consideration the whole of a person.

Each healing session is over-lighted by Angelic energy, the Angels are the Master Programmers of the Universe and hold the Divine Blueprint and guide these sessions to where they need to go for the highest good of all.

What Happens In A Healing Session

Healing Sessions last about 1 hour and do not have an exact structure to them as each person and situation is different. However the basic structure is to spend some time talking which highlights areas to be looked at, then to enter the energy healing phase which lasts up to half an hour and then to give feedback.

No physical touch is necessary at any time during the Angelic Reiki session, all connections with the Client being in the Aura or energy field around the physical body.

The Energy Healing part sees the client lying down, fully clothed, with the healer channelling the energies. These sessions are always exciting and almost everyone feels something happening, whether it is physical sensations coming from within, or the feeling of energy washing over, or heat or a floating sensation, or filling with Light and becoming Lighter, or of leaving the space all together. Each healing is completely safe and super relaxing and energising at the same.