Corona Virus (COVID-19) and The Centre

Updated: 26/05/20

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to develop our protocol for the new normal, based on advice from various professional bodies and our own research. We have now had the opportunity to try out the protocol and, from next week, we will be looking to offer osteopathy and then, in a few weeks, also chiropody/podiatry. In the first instance, we will be contacting clients who we know need to see practitioners urgently and also those clients whose appointments were cancelled. However, if you do need to see someone, please do give us a call. The answerphone is on at present but calls are being picked up regularly. There is no reception at present so please do not come to The Centre unless you already have an appointment.

We have put a video on our Facebook page to show how the new system works but if you have any questions, please do call us on 01730 231655.

Our full protocol is available here.

All of our practitioners continue to offer support and many can offer appointments via telephone or Skype/Zoom including:

We have a twice weekly virtual support session hosted by local experienced psychotherapist Ros Draper which I’m privileged to be co-facilitating. This is at 2pm on Tuesday and 11am Saturday morning. If there is sufficient interest, we will add additional sessions. The sessions are free and conducted over Zoom. Details and the link to join are available by emailing

Other practitioners are offering support via phone or internet including:

Tamara Kircher, one of our acupuncturists, is offering on line herbal consultations, as well as advice on acupressure points.  She is also available for consultations for Flower Essences.

Uschi Braun, one of our massage therapists, is offering sessions via internet to show people how to relax tense muscles and relax/destress overall.

Shanagh Telford, our homeopath and reiki practitioner and happy to offer appointments via Zoom and telephone. Shanagh regularly offers support via phone to clients so this is not a new way of working for her. Hayfever seems to be particularly bad this year and Shanagh has supported a lot of clients with similar problems over the years. You can contact Shanagh on 07765 140018.

The osteopaths Carina Petter, Josephine Luard and Beth Forrest are looking at ways to offer support via the internet. With respect to current patients, they can give verbal advice and can now offer physical treatment so long as there is clinical justification and consent/ precautions taken.

Sarah Roberts, our cognitive hypnotherapist, is offering therapy as usual online, and in particular at the moment offering help for anyone feeling anxious, low or struggling to see a positive way forward. Online can work as effectively as in the room. She is happy to offer phone support to key workers on a complimentary basis.

Helen McManus, our chiropodist, can offer appointment to people who have an urgent need such as risk of skin breaking down or an infection.  She is happy to discuss any concerns and offer advice over the phone.

Practitioners can be contacted via their own websites, by leaving a message on the answerphone (01730 231655) which is checked daily, via Facebook or by emailing

We at The Centre hope you all stay well. Together we can find a way through.

Cognitive Hypnotherapist joins The Centre

We’re happy to announce that Sarah Roberts has joined us at The Centre. Sarah is a cognitive hypnotherapist and is offering appointments at the Centre from 9 till 1 on Wednesdays. If you feel stuck with something that you want to change, but keep repeating, Sarah can help!

Cognitive hypnotherapy is a safe and effective way to help you change habits, feelings and behaviours. Treatments are all tailored to you as an individual and can include a recording for you to listen to between sessions.

Hypnotherapy is helpful with many issues, including dealing with fears, stopping unwanted habits, and coping with life more easily. It can help with improving relationships, performance at work or in sport and living well with health conditions. Research has found cognitive hypnotherapy to be especially effective for anxiety and depression, with 71% of clients with significant anxiety and depression reporting themselves recovered in one 2015 study, compared to 42% of people receiving other therapies such as CBT.

If you’d like to find out more, Sarah is available for a no obligation chat so you can explore how this approach could help you. Please drop in or contact us at the Centre to find out more, or email Sarah at

25th Birthday Celebrations

A huge thank you to the Mayor of Petersfield, Lesley Farrow, Noni Needs from Petersfield Community Radio and the people of Petersfield who helped make our birthday celebrations on Saturday a great success.

Meditation Schedule 2020

Please watch this page for any last minute changes.

Evening meditation sessions every Wednesday from 6.30-7.30pm.

Afternoon meditation sessions every Friday at 2pm

Please watch this page for any last minute changes.

Evening and weekend appointments at The Centre

We are pleased to be able to offer appointments for a range of therapies on Tuesday and Friday evenings and Saturdays.

Uschi Braun offers Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Reflexology and Manual Lymphatic Drainage and works until 7pm on Tuesday and Friday. She is available from 9.00am to 2.00pm on Saturday.

Carina Petter offers osteopathy and cranial osteopathy on alternate Saturday mornings from 8.00am to 12.00noon.

Shanagh Telford offers homeopathy and Reiki on alternate Saturday mornings from 9.00am to 1.00pm and one Saturday afternoon a month from 1.20pm to 5.20pm.

Please call The Centre on 01730 231655 for further information.